Tenx9 is…

Tenx9 is a storytelling night: nine people have ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives.
It started in Belfast, and you can read our story about how we came to be here.
Our local Tenx9 happens on the first Monday of the month at The Bedford Pub, in Balham.
If you have a story you’d like to share, let us know – drop us an email tenx9balham@gmail.com, send us a tweet @tenx9balham, or leave us a message on Facebook.
We can’t wait to see, and hear some of you, at one of our next Tenx9 events, listed below.
See you soon!

November: Home


November 15

Is it a place or is it where the heart is?

Is there no place like home?

Are you planning on being home for Christmas?

Broken homes, old people’s homes, keep the home fires burning…

November 2 is the night for stories of home.

True stories, honestly told, by ordinary people. Come to listen or come to share.

Email us to let us know you’ve got a story to tell tenx9balham@gmail.com

October: Birthdays


tenx9 flyer October v 1c-page-001 (1)

Tenx9Balham is one year old!
To celebrate we’re sharing stories of BIRTHDAYS…
Presents wanted and unwanted
Too much cake
Growing old
Feeling young

True stories, honestly told, by ordinary people.

Come to listen, or come to share.
If you have a story to tell, drop us a message or email tenx9balham@gmail.com and we’ll give you a slot!



tenx9 September-page-001

September comes and instinctively it’s back to school time, even if you left school years ago. School – the best days of your life?
Boot camp for the little?

We’re looking for stories of mischief and great japes, of trials and tribulations, bullying and triumph in adversity, sports days, school trips, romances, broken hearts, exam stress and even what the School of Life taught you.

Come and listen, or come and share. All are welcome.

7.30pm, September 7, The Bedford, Balham

Drop us an email to claim a spot tenx9balham@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates.


tenx9 June-page-001
We all have one. Love them or hate them, our bodies do things we want them to do, help us express who we are, and get us from one place to another.
Maybe you’ve a story about a celestial body you want to share…
Whatever your take on the theme we’d love to welcome you to hear ordinary people share their story, and to invite you to join in with one of your own. 
7.30pm, June 8, The Bedford, Balham

Truth and Lies


Tenx9 May flyer-page-001

The bald truth, the harsh truth, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Except of course for when we lie. From little white lies to out and out deceit and betrayal. As Stevie Nicks sang, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Stories of truth. Stories of lies. All real, all told by ordinary people.

May 11, 7.30pm, The Bedford, Balham.



tenx9 flyer April-page-001 (1)

We’ve all been on them. Some are magical. Some… not so much.
Holiday romances, family holidays, epic world travels, that time you got searched at customs…
Whatever the holiday, come, hear, and share your story.

Drop us an email to claim a spot tenx9balham@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates.